Knygos aprašymas Catherine Royce had no family, well she had a mother and father, but they were never a family. Catherine tried to emulate her father, but it never got her the love she wanted from him. So she learned to live without it-she thinks. But when she meets Don Jaime, and his niece Teresa, she finds a family. But more importantly they gain a wonderful woman who will give them all the love she has kept safe for a family she always wanted. From the back of the book: 'Her future appeared rich with promise. Catherine Royce set out for Madrid, her spirits high. Spain fascinated her, and her new job as tutor to a willful teenager would certainly be challenging! But she was completely unprepared for the volatile reaction of her young charges aristocratic family-reactions that were soon followed by damaging accusations. Nor was she prepared for the overwhelming passion within her that her employer, the aloof and alluringly handsome Don Jamie, seemed to incite.
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